According to a 2018 Security Scorecard study, the education sector is ranked last among 17 industries in cybersecurity preparedness. This lack of resources and readiness should sound an alarm in today’s school districts. Considering the vast amount of student data being collected, network security should be top of mind to all school faculty and IT decision makers. The K-12 Blueprint Security toolkit - developed with generous support from CDW-G* - includes resources and materials to help school technology leaders make the best decisions to ensure the safety of all school information.  

CISA 5 recommended practicesestablishing safe learning environments3 levels of school network security

CDW-G's Security Services for K-12 Education

Developing a comprehensive security strategy takes more than just IT. Depend on CDW-G for support

Test Faculty Awareness of Email Scams

All it takes is one employee reeled in by a phishing scam to put your network at risk. These sample Phishing Tests will measure how savvy your staff is.

Data Security Advice for K-12 Leaders

School faculty need the knowledge and skills necessary to strengthen security policies and procedures

Cybersecurity for K-12 Schools and Districts

Implementing data security procedures for a school or district should be a dynamic and ever-evolving process 

Establishing a Zero Trust Ecosystem

There are several elements necessary to create a “perfect storm” of security: a Zero Trust Ecosystem

Saving Lives with Technology

Mark Finstrom—CTO for Highline School District—discusses how process and technology come together to save the lives of at-risk students

Evaluating your District's Cybersecurity Readiness

Understand the techniques that cyberhackers employ, and how they can exploit your district's vulnerabilities

Creating Safe Learning Environments

School learning environments must meet academic needs while simultaneously minimizing cyber risks

District Security Self-Assessment Checklist

A checklist from CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) to help gauge a district’s security readiness

Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Job

This National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Working Group guidebook outlines role-based protections

Data Security: The First Step to Protect Student Privacy

A report exploring the difficulty in providing an “anything goes” technology environment while protecting privacy 

Security Planning Rubric

A rubric from CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) that districts can use to determine security preparedness

Questions to Ask Online Service Providers

A list from CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) of key security questions to discuss with your provider

Making the Case for Security

A sample security presentation that can be easily modified and adapted for your own use when sharing information or securing buy-in

Security Threats to Prepare For

While districts are falling behind on security due to constraints, cybercriminals are becoming shrewder

New State of EdTech Leadership 2020 Survey Report
New State of EdTech Leadership 2020 Survey Report

The annual CoSN EdTech Leadership Survey has just been released: providing critical information on the state of K-12 technology, infrastructure, and leadership.

Little girl shocked by what she finds on the Internet
Making the Internet Safe for Kids

The video Making the Internet Safe for Kids provides parents with a thorough understanding of the most common internet dangers facing children.

Fake Phishing Emails Expose Need for Cybersecurity Training

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School IT
How to Break Down Administration Silos for Cybersecurity

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School girl on computer
How K–12 School Districts Push Back Against Hackers

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Security monitoring image
The Cybersecurity Threats that Keep K-12 CIOs Up at Night

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Computer code on a screen
Back from Disaster

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Driving Change: Do Today’s Superintendents Go Far Enough?

Are today's superintendents focusing on student outcomes with the necessary vision, strategy and high quality leadership? Read Leslie Wilson's insights about what industry leaders have to offer and what that can mean for technology and learning today. 

COSN Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal
CoSN Establishes ‘Trusted Learning Environment’ Seal to Ensure Student Data Privacy

CoSN's Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal will allow school system leaders from across the country to communicate their privacy efforts to parents, communities, and other stakeholders while ensuring that their school systems are adhering to best practices.  

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Data Security: The First Step to Protect Student Privacy

In this analyst report, Bob Moore presents the practical steps that every school technology leader should be taking to ensure security of data, with protecting privacy as the end in mind.