Maker & STEM

Our nation’s continued economic prosperity is closely linked with student success in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Use these resources to explore the critical role STEM education plays in driving innovation, and how schools and districts can expand the capacity and diversity of tomorrow’s STEM workforce.

A maker space shouldAspects of MakerSteps to creating a maker space

Afterschool Maker Spaces

Learn how to start an afterschool Maker space in your school

Funding School Maker Spaces

Familiarize yourself with the funding options and resources that can bring “Making” to your school

Make and Take

Discover what it takes to create projects made of affordable materials that children can bring home

Making the Case for Making

Use this resource to share with peers, parents and administrators

Steps to Creating an Amazing Make Space

Discover the simple steps to organizing and implementing a Maker Space

The Maker Space Library

Learn the techniques for getting a Maker mindset going in your school, starting with the school library

What is Design Thinking?

Learn more about the Design Thinking process and how it helps in questioning a problem, assumptions, and overall implications by re-framing the issue in fresh new ways

What Makes a Maker Space?

Discover the basic elements for a successful Maker curriculum

Maker Resources

See the wide-range of simple resources available to students and teachers

Enhancing NGSS Through Makerspaces

Cross-reference the Science and Engineering Practices with the Makerspace Movement to maximize hands-on learning.

Evaluating the Success of Your Makerspaces

Learn what makes a successful makerspace and how that success can be measured

Reality Bytes: Virtual Reality and K-12 Education

Virtual Reality immerses students in rich worlds to free learning from the confines of a screen.

Cracking the Code to STEM with Arduino

When teacher Casey Korder won an Arduino kit from Intel Education, it helped his school's STEM program to flourish. 

The HP Sprout: Helping STEM to Take Root in Schools

We gave one lucky winner an HP Sprout in one of our giveaways. See how she is incorporating the device into STEM lessons for her students.

Rethinking the Library Media Center

Four library media specialists share stories about transforming libraries into next-generation resource centers that students and teachers love to visit.

Dell Chromebooks and Classrooms: A Winning Combination

See for yourself how today’s teachers are using Intel-based Chromebooks to bring 21st Century learning to their students.

Math is One of Many Stars at Walter Payton Prep

Math teams and contests, exciting electives, collaborative problem solving, and a culture of experimentation and exploration make this Chicago Magnet School a very special place.

Narrowing the Divide and Nurturing Tech Experts in Sterling Morton Schools

96 percent of students at the Chicago-area Morton 201 High School District qualify for free or reduced-price lunch but that didn’t stop the district leadership from finding ways to get Dell laptops into students’ hands for one-to-one use.

1:1 Laptops Set the Stage for District-Wide Innovation

Twelve years ago, Roanoke County Public Schools (RCPS) in Virginia handed out Dell laptops to the ninth-grade students at its new high school and students attending the Engineering Academy. Today, all 5,000 high school students and 1,400 teachers in the district are part of the Dell Latitude 1:1 program.

Parent Challenges and Solutions During COVID-19

With the right tools and the abandonment of perfection as a goal, curiosity and joy of learning can still occur with parents connected to the process like never before.

Enhancing Sharing in Simple and Meaningful New Ways

Ed-tech company Clarity Innovations worked with the Math Learning Center to create a dynamic new way to share math learning with teachers and peers. 

Reflections on Tech Use with Young Children

If technology isn't "good enough" for the children of the Silicon Valley innovators who created it, how can we defend its use in schools, especially with young children?

Augmented Vs. Virtual Reality: Which Will Transform Education?

Numerous studies have shown the strengths of both virtual and augmented reality use in the classroom. But which is the best fit for today's schools?

Using Visual Models to Spark Mathematical Discussion

When I reviewed my students’ work, I noticed that only one drew a picture of their solution strategy. The rest lacked a visual context for making sense of the problem.

Top Science Education Take-Aways from NSTA18

The National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA) Annual Conference was an enormous success this year. Here are my main takeaways.

Girl Working
STEMming the Tide: STEM Tools for All Levels of Education

Utilizing hands-on curriculum is the key to inspiring our children to pursue STEM-related fields. It is vital that these lesson plans be engaging and accessible to all students.

Useful links
students pointing up wearing VR headsets
Reality Bytes: Virtual Reality and K-12 Education

Making learning more personalized, more relevant, and more immersive have always been  the moving goal-posts of education. Digital media has helped create infinite opportunities in terms of access to dynamic content, but it’s still, for the most part, an extension of traditional learning: groups of students watching and absorbing static information with minimal interaction.

Making Progress: Evaluating the Success of Your Makerspaces

Download the Evaluating the Success of Your Makerspaces resource from our Maker & STEM toolkit to learn what makes a successful makerspace and how that success can be measured.

Five Things to Know about Design Thinking

Design thinking is a pretty hot topic for teachers and for schools. David Jakes has invested five years learning design and shares his five key points to consider.



The K-12 Blueprint: Produced by Clarity Innovations

Clarity Innovations matches the most promising technology with the evolving needs of education. By merging creativity, technology, and pedagogy, we create powerful learning experiences. Learn More