See how smartly designed learning spaces create a more engaging experience for instructors and students.


Explore resources for planning and implementing a BYOD program at the school or district level.

Computational Thinking empowers students to develop skills such as critical thinking, analytical thinking, evaluation, and application while learning to solve problems in creative and innovative ways.


Tools and resources to ensure equity across all students and learners.


Through a digitalization of the learning experience, both teachers and students are able to improve their skills to create a more engaging and effective education process.


Explore issues related to device selection, network infrastructure, bandwidth, cloud computing, and other technology needed for successful initiatives.


Innovation-focused CTE spaces utilize the latest technologies and teaching practices to prepare students for the yet-to-be-invented careers of tomorrow. 


Learning analytics is the collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners in order to understand and optimize learning.


Discover the critical role that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education plays in driving innovation.

Investigate research-based practices behind the decision to go digital.

See how personalized learning, tailored to each student's strengths, needs, and interests, maximizes student engagement and achievement. 

Learn the crucial steps involved with planning and implementing a proof of concept of your education technology initiatives.

Explore how policies in education can keep pace with the development of new technologies.

Learn more about the state of data privacy, federal policies, and the key strategies to ensuring the safety of vital student information.


Learn about PLCs and other powerful approaches to the teacher support and professional learning essential to success.


Learn the terms, formats, common requirements and expectations necessary to create an effective Request for Proposal.

K-12 leaders have a lot to worry about with regard to cybersecurity. This toolkit - developed with generous support from CDW-G* - includes resources and materials to help school technology leaders make the best decisions to ensure the safety of every student.


The K-12 Blueprint: Produced by Clarity Innovations

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