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Cover image of the powering the modern classroom white paper

Powering the Modern Classroom with Intel-based Chromebooks

Exploring the effect of processors on device performance in elementary and middle school classrooms.

Cover image of the eDiscovery security solutions guide.

Guide: Information Governance and eDiscovery

Understand how Microsoft Purview eDiscovery effectively preserves and analyzes critical data during cyber investigations and legal holds.

Image of the cover of the private video server solution guide sponsored by Microsoft.

Guide: Maximizing Private Video Servers

How Microsoft Stream provides a greater return on investment than competitors including Vimeo, WeVideo, and YouTube private channels.

Image of the cover of the multitasking in the virtual classroom white paper

Report: Multitasking in the Virtual Classroom

This updated white paper, commissioned by Intel, compares the performace of Intel- and non-Intel-based devices using a variety of K-12 education workloads to evaluate the differences that processor performance can have on student multitasking workloads. This includes the use of popular tools such as Zoom and other technologies used in blended, hybrid, and face-to-face learning environments.

Image of the cover of the CDW Return to the Classroom Guidebook

Resource: Return to the Classroom Guidebook

Developed with support from CDW-G and the Intel Corporation.

Reimagining Social-Emotional Learning in K-12 Education

This brief provides an overview of current efforts to address social and racial inequities in K-12 education within the framework of social-emotional learning.

Making the Case: Infrastructure Usage Study

This study explores how Intel-based infrastructure, security features, and devices solutions support virtual teaching and learning.

Abstract: Planning for Virtual Learning

A 1-page abstract of the findings of the Planning for Virtual Learning study commissioned by Intel.

Report: Planning for Virtual Learning

This report evaluates how the most common operating systems perform for students without persistent connectivity to the internet.

Abstract: The Right Windows* Device for K-12 Education

2-page abstract of the findings of The Right Windows* Device for K-12 Education study