Large-scale technology and device deployments are helping to bridge the digital divide, engage students, and improve learning. This toolkit pulls together successful approaches to planning and implementation, and the research-based methods they are using to create sustainable and effective programs. The K-12 Blueprint Infrastructure toolkit - developed with generous support from CDW-G* - includes resources and materials to help school technology leaders make better informed decisions.

Next Generation Infrastructure

The latest infrastructure solutions can increase resiliency, simplify cost management, and improve performance with increased flexibility to help better meet the needs of education.

Infrastructure Considerations

An infrastructure should support and empower educators: deepening their relationship with students and making learning more personal

Broadband and Student Performance

More and more data is demonstrating the connection between access to broadband and student performance.

Cybersecurity and the Cloud

After the pandemic, K-12 schools may never be the same. And cybercriminals are making the most of it.

Build a Solid Infrastructure to Support Hybrid Learning

Here are the key “must-haves” for infrastructure, ensuring a smooth rollout of your next education technology initiative

Planning and Designing for K12 Next Generation Learning

This resource from iNacol helps you understand the questions to ask when thinking through next generation learning design

What is Hyperconvergence?

As school storage and backup requirements have grown exponentially, separating storage networks and servers can impede an infrastructure’s evolution while adding unneeded complexity.

Edtech Leadership Survey Report 2021

CoSN’s annual survey gathers data on the responsibilities of U.S. K-12 IT Leaders, the nature of their digital ecosystems, and their educational technology challenges.

2019 State of the States

A report, provided by Education SuperHighway, on the state of broadband connectivity in America’s public schools

Getting Up to Speed

Digital learning doesn’t happen without a reliable Internet connection. The 2019 Infrastructure report from CoSN highlights needs and challenges.

Powering up the Chromebook Experience at Roxbury Public Schools

New Jersey's Roxbury Township School District has been a 1:1 school for five years. Their older chromebooks were beginning to age, so they wanted to choose more powerful future-ready devices.

Student working with cloud-based tools
Tips for Building a Cloud-First Strategy

EdTech Magazine shares an illuminating interview with Chad Stevens, leader for K-12 education at Amazon Web Services, detailing best practices for embarking upon a could migration journey.

Beef Up Your Backup for Seamless Continuity

Continuity helps the entire school or district persist in a crisis. Backing up data is the first step in continuity and ensures that IT and communications work.

A hyperconverged infrastructure
Why Hyperconvergence is Moving to the Head of the Class

Hyperconverged infrastructure adoption is projected to climb by 70 percent. Why? Backups that used to take hours now take seconds. And systems can be controlled through single-pane-of-glass management.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

By taking into account your infrastructure, potential threats and vulnerabilities, and most critical assets, establishing a disaster recovery plan can help schools and districts bounce back after data disasters.

K–12 Districts Look to Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6
Post-pandemic Usage Could Put a Big Drain on School Networks

Schools are being challenged by the bandwidth demands of an increasing number of wireless devices. So as educators and administrators face new demands on their networks, K–12 leaders are closely examining Wi-Fi 6 technology.

A Recipe for Disaster Recovery

Considering all of the potential threats to K–12 data, disaster recovery is crucial for schools and districts to retrieve and reclaim vital information, and to maintain operations; avoiding catastrophic shut downs.

Students utilizing devices outside of campus
Deleting the Digital Divide: Device Shortage Expected to Continue

The problems that tightened access to student computing devices during the height of the pandemic are expected to plague districts in the coming school year as well.

The Lessons in Cybersecurity: How Education Coped in the Shift to Distance Learning Report
Lessons in Cybersecurity: How Education Coped in the Shift to Distance Learning

Malwarebytes—an anti-malware software company—has released a new report revealing that schools need to do a lot of catch up to stave off potential cyberattacks.

CoSN 2021 EdTech Leadership Survey Report
CoSN Leadership Report

CoSN released its 2021 EdTech Leadership Survey Report, offering unique insight into the challenges that edtech leaders faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Go With the Plan: The American Rescue Plan Act and K-12 Education

While the typical woes surrounding education have tended to be around funding, now—with the American Rescue Plan Act—schools and district have the funds to reimagine modern learning to accelerate recovery from months of lost learning opportunities.