Meeting the Needs of Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning

To better assist educators and parents, Intel has sponsored the development and publication of two free remote learning guides: The Educator’s Guide to Elearning and The Parents’ Guide to Remote Learning.

For educators, the COVID-19 crisis can serve as time to explore what elearning offers. Will there be practices and learnings that educators will bring back to the classroom once schools are reopened? The Educator’s Guide to Elearning walks teachers through preparing their virtual classrooms, adapting their lessons for elearning, as well as exploring innovative skill developments, design thinking, social emotional learning, and more.

Intel recognizes that these are challenging times for parents, too, as many are being asked to play the role of homebound (substitute) teacher. The Parent’s Guide to Remote Learning gives parents tips, ideas, curated resources, and ample encouragement to provide children with high-quality learning experiences at home. Written by educators with deep expertise in virtual and blended learning environments as well as curriculum design, The Parent’s Guide to Remote Learning is intended to help parents set up rich and rewarding home learning routines that will engage the entire family!

No one is expecting the transition to remote learning to be without its hiccups and setbacks. But hopefully these two resources will help educators and families to continue to do the vital work of educating our children, despite our extraordinary circumstances.

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