Parents' Guide to Remote Learning

In the beginning of March, most of us were spending our days working while our children were in their schools learning. In less than one month, our lives have been turned upside down. Now, many of us are staying in our homes, trying to do it all: maintaining our jobs, ensuring our children are learning, and keeping everyone happy, safe, and healthy.

The pandemic came on so quickly that school districts and families have been forced to make rapid changes, not only to our everyday lives, but also to the way our children learn. Many districts are transitioning to remote learning as an alternative approach to closing schools completely. Regardless of what your school district is offering, the success of remote learning falls largely on the shoulders of the families as well as the learning environment and routines established in the home. Download a PDF copy of the Intel Parents' Guide to Remote Learning to explore approaches to helping your child remain engaged.

Additional Remote Learning Materials


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