Leadership Voices

High School Junior Elizabeth - Having the World at My Fingertips
June 3, 2016

Learn how high school junior Elizabeth Hodonicky has forged global connections and life long learning skills through the use of technology. 

12 Sure Fire Ways to Unlock Successful PBL
May 31, 2016

For today's student to become seekers of knowledge and lifetime self-learners, fostering 21st Century skills and Project Based Learning is critical. Read Mike Gorman's ideas for effectively tying PBL work to standards and skills. 

5 Lessons Learned from Rainbow Trout
May 23, 2016

When the students Todd Burleson works with undertook a rainbow trout project, lessons were learned on so many levels. Read the story, see the photos and enjoy the video too! 

Technology for Technology's Sake is Meaningless
May 7, 2016

John Dewey's ideas on school reform continue to ring true even in today's digital age. Read Leslie Wilson's reflection on why schools today must always seek a successful path forward when using educational technologies. 

Edcamp: Participant-Driven Professional Learning
April 28, 2016

Edcamps have become a popular option for professional learning in schools. Read Melissa Lim's post to find out what is so special about an Edcamp day. 

The Librarian Lists
April 25, 2016

Read 'The Librarians Lists' as Katie Nelson shares her inaugural post for the Today's Library Media Center. Learn how she organizes a Library Media Center for maximum student learning. 

Lego - Play Well
April 18, 2016

In the inaugural post for the Today's Library Media Center series, Todd Burleson explores 'Legos', their uses and student creativity. 

The Sorting Hat
April 13, 2016

Where can school leaders find and give meaningful support? Donna Teuber discusses the importance of creating an environment that allows all types of educators to connect, reflect and grow.

Organizations Really Can Change
April 6, 2016

Learn all about Signature Districts! Leslie Wilson sets the stage for the upcoming release of results for a set of districts who implemented 1:1 programs and collected data across key factors.

200 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom
March 29, 2016

Do you want to explore creative uses of word clouds for learning? Read this list of 200 ways to use Word Clouds by Mike Gorman. 


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