Leadership Voices

Is Your Data Center in the Right Class to Support Real-time Learning (Part 3)?
April 8, 2015

Data and security are critical topics in todays' world and they deserve careful attention in every school. Read the latest in Craig William's multi-part series. 

Reasons Why 94% of U.S. Superintendents are Making Technology Mistakes
April 4, 2015

When superintendents undertake 1:1 initiatives, they surely hope for the best results. However, many find themselves faced with failed initiatives. View Elliot Levine's post on reasons for these failures and ways to avoid them. 

Leading Today Revisited
March 31, 2015

Leadership plays an essential role in educational digital transformation. Read Leslie Wilson's insights on 6 areas for this necessary and critical leadership focus. 

The Importance of Words in Educational Change
March 25, 2015

Where does learning happen? Read David Jakes insights about the importance of the words we use when it comes to redesigning learning. 

Getting to Transformative Change
March 20, 2015

Are your student creating and using new knowledge in today's world? Read Donna Teuber's thoughts from Tech Learning Live in Atlanta.  See her insights on how technology tools and other resources combine for personalized learning, creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. 

The Route Not Taken - With Apologies to Robert Frost
March 16, 2015

By taking a look at the real costs and options available to your district and you might find some better options. Review Kevin Schwartz's insights on optimal approaches to infrastructure updates. 

Are You Locking-Down Your Devices or Locking-Out Your Students?
March 13, 2015

Taking a close look at our policies means making sure that we are not locking out learning. Read Bob Moore's advice for creating an environment that provides more freedom for learning to teachers and students. 

Avoid Technology PR Nightmares in Academia
March 5, 2015

Save your school or district from publicity nightmares. Read this list of practical technology tips from Elliott Levine and maintain the school's reputation, stakeholder relationships and much more. 

Boundless Learning - Powered Up and Personalized
March 3, 2015

It never fails. When we ask learners about learning, they’ll tell us. Read Leslie Wilson's experience on the look of real personalized learning as it goes from planning through to results

Accelerating Learning
February 27, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to attend the Future Ready Summit in Raleigh, NC hosted by the Alliance for Excellent Education, the US Dept. of Education Office of Technology, and the Friday Institute team.


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