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Ed-tech Coast to Coast is geared towards professionals at all levels—from teachers to superintendents to technology leaders and everyone in-between. Each month, we cover a wide range of pressing topics and trends in the field of education technology, featuring interviews with technology experts and insiders so that professionals just like you can help build a brighter future for students. Be sure to subscribe and gain actionable insights and strategies to enhance learning experiences for both students and teachers.

Season 1

Episode 4: The Pros and Cons of Virtual Conferences

The pandemic has completely disrupted the ed-tech industry’s usually packed schedule of face-to-face conferences. Today we talk with Irene Spero; CEO of Next Chapter Consulting. Irene recently conducted a survey of companies and associations called The Virtual World of Conferences to capture the changes taking place due to the pandemic, and the impact they are having on the industry. The responses map out the challenges, practical realties, solutions, and even opportunities that virtual conferences pose. Hear Irene explain how conferences may be handled, not only into next year, but for the foreseeable future.

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Episode 3: Back to School 2020

It’s an incredible and challenging time, with remote learning becoming the only feasible means in many schools and districts for keeping learning alive. Today we’ll be talking with five members of Clarity Innovations to share their insights as parents and as former or current teachers. They share what they’ve seen work well and not-so well in terms of remote learning this fall.

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Episode 2: The Process Behind Preventing Student Self-harm

In episode 2, we continue our talk with Mark Finstrom, CTO for Washington State’s Highline School District. He shared his school district’s amazing efforts in the realm of preventing student self-harm utilizing technology. We’ll hear more from Mark as he explains the process behind the technology. After all, technology is useless if there isn’t a strategy and structure behind it. Discover how Mark and Highline School District realized that the way that people work together is critical for success with any student safety applications.

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Episode 1: Saving Lives with Technology

Mark Finstrom is CTO for Washington State’s Highline School District. He shares his school district’s amazing efforts in the realm of preventing student self-harm. Using technology and a carefully considered process of district-wide inclusion, Mark estimates that— in the past six years —he’s had over two dozen conversations with parents saying, “Your child is just about ready to harm themselves.”

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