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NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND, this archived webinar looks at two districts that are doing great things with Intel-based Chromebooks in the classroom  and examines the ins and outs of picking a Chromebook model that is right for your school or district.


Recent News Items

As we move farther into 2014, are you wondering what will be the big ed tech trends for the year? The authors of the 2014 Horizon Report provide some answers. 

Twenty distinct skills -- ranging from problem-solving skills to the knowledge of Microsoft Office -- have been identified by researchers as essential competencies for candidates for current and future jobs.

Houston Independent Schols and Miami Dade County Public Schools are among the latest districts to embrace one-to-one computing. Although they’ve made different choices in terms of grade levels targeted, they share two things in common: Windows 8 devices and a multi-year phase-in plan.

Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy (SLA) and The Franklin Institute have announced a partnership with Dell to form a new “Center of Excellence in Learning.” 

Increasingly, data we use on a daily basis – including information used by schools to track students and manage resources – are stored in the cloud. Are we doing an adequate job of informing parents and protecting student privacy in this new, cloud-based world? According to a recent study by Fordham University the answer, in many school districts, is NO.

Fuhu Inc., the creator of cutting-edge tablets and applications for children, has announced the DreamTab tablet. The result of collaboration between Fuhu, DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. and Intel Corporation, the new tablet will be available starting in June. 



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