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K-12 Blueprint Toolkits

Today’s education system is evolving to take full advantage of the potential of technology to inspire learning and create independent, critical thinkers. However, education leaders involved in planning and implementing technology initiatives often encounter challenges that can be difficult to overcome without the proper resources and support.

To help school leaders keep pace with current research and educational practices, the K-12 Blueprint offers a number of “Toolkits” that include resources to help support technology initiatives and standards-based learning. Whether you are launching a one-to-one computing program, moving from print textbooks to digital content, revamping the curriculum to meet Common Core State Standards, or revising your current policies on educational technology, these toolkits will inform and guide your decisions along the way.

Each toolkit below contains adaptable files that you can download and share with staff, community, and other decision makers.

Bring Your Own Device - BYOD
Explore resources for planning and implementing a BYOD program at the school or district level. This toolkit is designed to help you address BYOD challenges and evaluate your readiness for student-owned mobile devices.

Common Core
Learn how to adapt your curriculum and assessment methods to address Common Core State Standards. This toolkit is designed to help school leaders understand and meet the challenges of these standards.

Digital Content
Investigate research-based practices behind the decision to go digital. From learning management systems to electronic textbooks, this toolkit is designed to help school leaders and teachers successfully implement digital content into their learning curriculum. 

Ed-Tech Policy
Explore how policies in education can keep pace with the development of new technologies. This toolkit is designed to help school leaders evaluate current policies and consider ways that educational technology policies can be revised.

Evaluate the impact of your e-learning program using a variety of assessment measures. The resources in this toolkit are designed to be adaptable to multiple settings, levels of effort, and capacities of research teams.

View funding models for e-learning and consider options for financing the future. This toolkit is designed to help school leaders craft a comprehensive and actionable plan to secure funding for technology initiatives. 

Professional Learning Communities
Learn about the role and benefits of joining or establishing your own professional learning community. PLCs have become crucial in designing systematic, school-wide strategies dedicated to helping students achieve their potential.


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