Personalized Learning

Personalized learning structures empower teachers and students to take charge of their education experiences. In student-centered classrooms, students learn at their own pace, in a way that matches their own needs and interests. These resources will show you how to support personalized learning in order to maximize student engagement and achievement.

All Personalized Learning toolkit files

A zip file containing all of the downloadable Personalized Learning toolkit resources

Types of Adaptive Learning

This quick introduction to adaptive learning products explains adaptive learning types through graphics 

Adaptive Learning Systems

Familiarize yourself with popular adaptive learning tools and platforms with this PowerPoint presentation introducing adaptive learning concepts and products

Getting Started with Adaptive Learning

Discover ways that adaptive learning software empowers teachers with this brief introduction to adaptive learning systems

Personalized Learning: A Guide for Engaging Students with Technology

This book features examples of what learning looks like when the unique needs of students drive the process

The Personalized Learning Facilitation Guide

A guidebook built around the information and exercises contained in Personalized Learning: A Guide for Engaging Students with Technology

The Personalized Learning Teacher Handbook

This comprehensive guidebook was designed to help today's educators make sense of the shifting landscape in modern education

Personalized Learning One-Sheet

A handy overview of Personalized Learning: A Guide for Engaging Students with Technology, with tips, tools and techniques

Personalized Learning Overview

A brief PowerPoint presentation introducing viewers to Personalized Learning: A Guide for Engaging Students with Technology

Personalized Learning Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation is a thorough study of personalized learning principals and strategies 

Personalized Learning Workshop

This PowerPoint presentation is designed to be used to help guide a Personalized Learning Workshop

Personalized Learning Pedagogy

This resource from Microsoft* shares the twelve key elements of Personalized Learning that can help schools, teachers and students succeed.

Inclusion and Accessibility

This Microsoft* resource offers outlines practical solutions from UNESCO supporting Personalized Learning in schools, with specific attention to accessibility and technology use.

Personalized Learning for Global Citizens

This Microsoft* paper highlights the research on personalized learning, provide examples of personalized learning with technology, and offers guiding principles. 

The Road to One-to-One; It Keeps Getting Better

Nearly a decade after launching its one-to-one program, River Dell, NJ, administrators say it just keeps getting better.

The Power of Mobile Learning in K-12

The growing adoption of mobile technology in K-12 education is producing tangible results, enabling students to move beyond the classroom walls and the regular school day to learn anytime and anywhere. Here are some success stories -- from both public and independent school settings -- reflecting improved learning outcomes through the use of laptops, tablets and other mobile technologies. [4 page white paper from Lenovo and Intel]

Disruptive Innovation Drives Personalization in K12

This 2 page summary summary from Lenovo and Intel looks at disruptive innovations, with a particular emphasis on blended learning.

Twelve Tips for Flipping Learning

Thinking of flipping learning in your school or district? Already doing it but looking for tips on doing it better? Read on.

2014 Horizon Report Looks at Trends and Challenges in Higher Ed

As we move farther into 2014, are you wondering what will be the big ed tech trends for the year? The authors of the 2014 Horizon Report provide some answers.

Two of the Nation’s Largest Districts Launch 1:1 with Windows Devices

Houston Independent Schools and Miami Dade County Public Schools are among the latest districts to embrace one-to-one computing. Although they’ve made different choices in terms of grade levels targeted, they share two things in common: Windows 8 devices and a multi-year phase-in plan.

Top Tips for Involving Parents and Community Members

Clear Creek ISD, in Texas, has an ambitious one-to-one program and lots of community support, thanks to involved and knowledgeable family members. Here are eight tips for involving parents and the community in your technology initiatives.



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