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Parnter Success Story: Fujitsu

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame is a boarding high school located in remote central Canada committed to helping its 300 students to become purposeful leaders with a global mind-set. How? By providing the best educational experience possible. 

The challenge

As a private school situated in an isolated village, Notre Dame strives to ensure it offers the best educational experience in order to attract students. The school has an outstanding athletics programs—producing NHL players and college scholarships—but they also wanted to modernize their approach to teaching by better incorporating technology into their classrooms. 

The solution

Notre Dame spent time researching how other schools, including St Andrew's College, were using technology in their learning environments as well as looking at a wide variety of tablets and laptops over the course of a year. The school ultimately found Fujitsu to be the perfect partner for the job and decided on the Fujitsu Lifebook T732 for their teachers and students. The devices included security features, strengthened glass, and—most importantly—interchangeable batteries to ensure all day learning. Notre Dame also found that Microsoft OneNote* has proved to be the heart of their new approach. With OneNote, students are able to keep organized with its binder-like structure, and teachers are able to easily plan lessons and monitor student progress. Teachers now have access to practically limitless information resources at the touch of a button and can share them instantly. Similarly, students have a single repository for all the information they need.  

"Our parents are extremely excited that their kids are involved in a true 21st Century learning environment. When you send your children to private school, there has to be value-added and that's what Fujitsu gives us."

- Patrick Vigneron, IT Manager, Athol Murray College of Notre Dame

Read more about how Athol Murray College of Notre Dame has brought learning to life by connecting teachers and students. 

At A Glance

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame is a boarding and co-educational High School located in rural central Canada.

Students: 300

Employees: 80


Athol Murray College of Notre Dame chose the Fujitsu Lifebook T732 Tablet PC for it's students and teachers. The devices have swappable batteries, strengthened glass for precise drawing and durable features. 

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