Learn Program

Developing the technology skills of young learners across the globe.

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Designed especially for young learners in developing countries, the Intel® Learn Program extends learning beyond the classroom with an engaging, project-centered approach. Learn is an informal education program that teaches youth the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, with a focus on technology literacy, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.

In 2018, Intel made the decision to release the Intel® Learn Program as a freely available, open source version using a Creative Commons license. All of the materials have been converted to Open Education Resources ("OER") and published to the OER Commons where they can be accessed and downloaded in order to re-use and re-mix.

Technology and Entrepreneurship

Technology and Entepreeurship Syllabus

Technology and Entepreeurship Learner Version
Learner Guide

Technology and Entepreeurship Facilitation Guide
Facilitation Guide

Technology and Entepreeurship Staff Guide
Staff Guide

Technology and Community

Technology and Community Syllabus

Technology and Community Curriculum

Technology at Work

Technology at Work Syllabus

Technology at Work Curriculum

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