Top Leadership Voices Blog Posts of 2015

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The K-12 Blueprint Leadership Voices Blog is a highly valuable K-12 Blueprint resource. On the blog, educational leaders regularly share their insights on successful implementation of educational technology with the visitors to the K-12 Blueprint website.

As Contributing Editor to K-12 Blueprint, I have the honor of interacting with a team of K-12 Blueprint Leadership Voices Bloggers. I am privileged to get a first hand look at the posts before they go live and am always inspired by their innovative mindset and willingness to share with the larger education community. View a list of our 15 most read posts of 2015 below. 

  1. Reasons Why 94% of U.S. Superintendents are Making Technology Mistakes
  2. 10 Free Resources and Tools for Today's Classrooms
  3. Game Changer - Microsoft's OneNote Class Notebook Creator
  4. Elliott's Two Cents: Stop Arguing about Technology - Focus on Transforming Learning
  5. Why Technology Matters in Education 
  6. Uncomfortable Questions for the Ed-Tech Community
  7. Smoothly Transition into School with Google Classroom and Intel-based Chromebooks
  8. The Importance of Words in Educational Change
  9. Ten Reasons Why Teachers Must Be Magic. A Special Letter From Santa!
  10. Creating and Collaborating in The Cloud with Chromebooks
  11. Developing an Organizational Mindset of Innovation
  12. Student Voices: Noah - Doing Things in a More Intelligent Way
  13. The Dangers of Saying 'No' to Edtech
  14. The Value of Messaging in Educational Change
  15. Untethering Teachers - One District’s Search for the Next-Gen Device Part IV

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