Project RED Phase III Results

Project Red

Project RED—a national research and advocacy plan to investigate how technology can help re-engineer our education system has begun to publish briefs that summarizes findings from Phase III of their research. This phase of research looked at annual data from twenty districts over a three year span.  In the summer of 2016 Project RED shared preliminary findings at ISTE including:  

  • Successful 1:1 digital conversions are possible but they require a lot of planning, project management and follow through to be successful.
  • Increasing student voice and choice, paired with transformative uses of technology can lead to excellent academic results.
  • Distributed leadership (as opposed to top-down management) is important to sustainability, as well as academic and financial ROI
  • Real-time fidelity monitoring is a “must.”

The latest research is being released in a series of briefs.  The Project Red Phase III Briefs are organized into five key areas; Leadership; Communication; Instruction, Pedagogy, and Data; Professional Learning and Finance.  

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