Mesa Public Schools Untethers Teachers

Mesa Public Schools, in Mesa, Arizona, has approximately 64,000 students, making it the largest student enrollment of any unified school district in Arizona. Their existing hardware was outdating including: old desktop computers, slow network connections throughout the district, and classrooms using aging display technologies. They knew that the future of classroom technology was wireless, meaning teachers had the flexibility to design their classrooms and curriculum in a way that would best serve student and their learning experience.

Mesa Public schools had the opportunity to reengineer classroom technology from the ground up, thanks to a voter-approved $230M bond passed in 2012. They started by deploying 802.11n Wi-Fi through the district and giving each teacher a Lenovo laptop. They also introduced Actiontec ScreenBeam Wireless Display (WiDi) devices and new projectors. 

As a result, Mesa teachers are embracing wireless display to create new learning experiences to align more closely with the pace of an increasingly digital world. Read the full Whitepaper to learn best practices, lessons learned, deployments strategies and more about Mesa's implementation of WiDi in the classroom. 

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