Going Toe-to-Toe for One-to-One

Going Toe-to-Toe for One-to-One: An Interview with Stan Silverman
Stan Silverman—Director of Technology Based Learning Systems at the New York Institute of Technology—is often referred to as a “pioneer” and “guru” in distance learning and educational technology. He has decades of experience in distance learning and education, but also boasts a significant technology background along with a deep belief in the education system and the value that brings to children. This last quality, in particular, really resonates with the educators he deals with on a daily basis.
According to Silverman, school leaders need support in how to be change agents in making 1:1 a viable reality for schools and districts.  
“Devices are now a critical component of our educational system, and if we don’t provide technology and equality for all students, we will further create silos in schools for kids who have access and those who don’t," Silverman explains. "I didn’t get in the education technology game to create ghettos of technology. I want all kids to be able to excel to the best of their abilities: and every one of them needs a powerful, education-friendly device for that to happen.”

Read the entire interview with NYIT's Stan Silverman.

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