Going One-to-One in Manteca (CA) with Windows 2-in-1 Devices

“Residing in the Central Valley of California, we are surrounded by communities that often make it on the ‘Top 10’ lists published by major media outlets,” says Manteca Unified superintendent Jason Messer. “Lists like: ‘Cities with the highest foreclosure rate,’ or ‘Least literate cities,’ or ‘Cities with the highest teen pregnancy rates,’ etc. And yet, our mission -- and my passion -- is to prepare our students for their global future while residing in this Central Valley.”

Wondering how they’re doing with this mission? Through the blog featured at this web site, several articles and videos published by Microsoft, and a variety of other forums, Messer and others in the district are happy to share their experiences – including successes, challenges and what they are learning along the way.

Here’s an at-a-glance guide to some of these resources:

Going Digital is as Easy as 1, 2, 3   In the first of a planned series of blog posts from Manteca teachers and administrators, superintendent Jason Messer describes his district’s adoption of Windows 2-in-1 devices and the keys to the program’s success – including rebuilding the digital infrastructure for robust wireless access; effective staff development; and involving all stakeholders.

Digital Schools Today  Manteca USD’s own web site includes information on the tools, support and resources the district is providing to teachers and students.

Massive Learning Transformation  This case study, created by Microsoft, takes us into 5th grade, middle school and high school classrooms, with help from descriptive text and photos, and also describes the groundwork laid by the district as they began planning the program.

Going Digital to Transform Teaching and Learning  This 36-page whitepaper, also from Microsoft, includes chapters on: establishing and promoting the vision, the pedagogy behind going digital, building the infrastructure, choosing the devices, secure assessment, device management and much more.

Video Story: Manteca Unified School District - Going Digital  A YouTube video overview of the program and how it’s impacting students and learning, it features interviews with members of the school community, as well as clips of what’s taking place in the classrooms.

“OneNote Funk" Video  An upbeat music video created by Miss Ballardo's 5th grade class about the wonders of OneNote.


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