Digitize Math with EquatIO

Texthelp, the accessibility-focused developer, has added a new Chrome extension to its quiver of tools. EquatIO solves a tricky conundrum for math teachers and students: digitizing math expressions and equations.

After adding EquatIO from the Chrome Web Store, students can enter math notation with handwriting, voice, a predictive equation editor, or, for those who nee it, LaTeX. First released only for Google Docs and Forms, EquatIO now works in Slides, Sheets, and Drawings. The extension also helps in the science classroom by accommodating chemical formulas and equations. More developments in the works. Texthelp aims to turn EquatIO into a complete math workspace with the ability to add graphs, sketches, and virtual manipulatives.

A free version of EquatIO will always be available, but the full version for an individual user costs 100 dollars per year. While individual accounts may be cost prohibitive, the price quickly drops for school districts purchasing group and unlimited licenses.

Learn more about EquatIO.

Download and try EquatIO from the Chrome Web Store

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