Apples to Apple: iOS 9.3 in Education

Student with an iPad

Dell Education recently commissioned Clarity Innovations to review and evaluate Apple*'s latest tablet operating system release, iOS 9.3. The results of this research, test implementation, and evaluation can be found in the report iOS 9.3 in Education: Assessment and Evaluation.

With Apple’s position in education increasingly under stress, the new education features included with iOS 9.3 attempt to address some of the most challenging issues surrounding iPad® deployments in schools. These features position iPads to more directly compete with Chromebooks both in terms of management and setup and for use as shared devices between multiple students.

While Apple has raised the bar for themselves with features like Apple School Manager, Shared iPads, and the Apple Classroom app, schools with an inventory of older iPads are not eligible for these new features.

Download the report here.

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