Are Chromebooks Right for Your School?

Chromebooks are cloud-based productivity tools that deliver a simple, streamlined education experience. Meanwhile, teachers and IT administrators can monitor progress, streamline communications while simplifying deployment, management, and security. But with more and more Chromebooks on the market, it’s becoming harder for school systems and schools to choose the right one. 

Chromebooks can be a good choice for many schools, especially those with tighter budget contraints. If you're considering Chromebooks for your students, here are some critical things to factor into your decision. Chromebooks offer:

Less waiting, more learning. Learn more

Fast, hassle-free collaboration. Learn more

More responsive apps. Learn more

Smooth multitasking. Learn more

All school-day learning1

Smooth Chromecast* screen-sharing2

1. Source: based on findings by Principled Technologies as documented in Intel Processor-Powered Toshiba Chromebook in the Classroom, White Paper
2. Source: based on findings by Principled Technologies as documented in Chromebooks + Chromecast in the classroom


Intel's Chromebook Solutions


Budget Priced, Intel-based Chromebooks

There are many budget-friendly Chromebooks on the market today, but how do they compare in performance? Research has consistently shown the advantages of budget-priced Chromebooks powered by Intel processors.

Dell Chromebook 11 with Intel Processor
Intel Celeron vs. Rockchip

Report | Infographic | Presentation

Acer Chromebooks with Intel Celeron
Intel Celeron vs. Rockchip

Report | Infographic | Presentation

Why Intel®-based Chromebooks for Education?

Today's students want fast, responsive devices with long battery life. They want to pick up their device, get going right away, and move from one thing to another quickly and easily. As more Chromebook models enter the market, it's becoming harder for schools to choose the right one. Research from Principled Technologies has consistently shown the advantages of Chromebooks powered by Intel processors.

Dell Chromebook 11 with Intel® Core™ i3
Intel Core i3 vs. NVIDIA Tegra K1

Report | Infographic | Presentation

Lenovo Thinkpad 11e Chromebook with Intel Inside®
Intel Celeron vs. Samsung Exynos 5

Report | Infographic | Presentation

Acer R11 Chromebook Case Study

Earlier in the year, Intel® Education and K-12 Blueprint gave away several Acer R11 Chromebooks with Intel Celeron processors to schools across the country. We were amazed at the resourceful ways educators were using the devices to instill 21st century skills within their classrooms.

Professional Development Wins the Day in Baldwin County, AL

Coaching, teacher academies, annual conferences, online classes and other forms of professional learning are keys to the success of this district’s 1:1 Chromebook initiative.

1:1 in Lynnwood, WA, Improves Collaboration, Engagement, and Equity

Edmonds School District has built quickly from two small pilots to a full 1:1 program using Intel-based Chromebooks in grades 3-12. Learn why they’re happy they did.

Dell Chromebooks and Classrooms: A Winning Combination

See for yourself how today’s teachers are using Intel-based Chromebooks to bring 21st Century learning to their students.

Personalizing Learning in Oakland, CA, with Help From Chromebooks

Changing how students learn and teachers teach has been the impetus for bringing Intel-powered Chromebooks to the Oakland Unified School District.

A Focus on Equity, Students, and Teacher Champions Leads to 1:1 Success in Oak Grove

In just two years, José L. Manzo, superintendent of California’s Oak Grove School District has led a dramatic transition from traditional classroom teaching to student-centered learning supported by Acer Chromebooks.

District-wide Collaboration Moves Everyone Forward in Wheeling, Illinois

Inclusionary practice, authentic learning and one-to-one with Lenovo and Acer Chromebooks all characterize CCSD21's programs.

Innovation and Smart Planning Make for 1:1 Success in New Caney, TX

New Caney ISD managed to deploy nearly 11,000 Intel-based Dell Chromebooks, in grades 3-12, within a few months, thanks to careful planning, early and ongoing professional development, student input, and effective allocation of resources.

The Evolution of 1:1 in Three Maine Districts

15 years later, the statewide MLTI program, the first of its kind in the nation, is still going strong, although with a broader range of choices – including Windows and Chrome-based hardware. 

Redefining Learning in Maine Township, Illinois

Teacher-led professional development, a student “genius desk,” a 1:1 initiative featuring Dell Chromebooks, and oodles of collaboration all characterize High School District 207’s transformative approach.


Student with an iPad
Apples to Apple: iOS 9.3 in Education

The report iOS 9.3 in Education: Assessment and Evaluation reviews and evaluates Apple®'s latest tablet operating system release within the context of education.

Intel Chromebook Success Stories

Read about the experience of five school districts across the country that are using Intel-powered Chromebooks to deliver results that matter.

Maximize Chromebook Learning

In two recently completed research studies, Prowess Consulting compared Intel-powered Chromebooks with Rockchip-based Chromebooks to see which would perform best in the classroom. Here's what they found.

Intel Chromebook Technical Briefs

These briefs show you how to design and implement an integrated Single Sign On architecture and how to scale your network to meet the needs of your Chromebook deployment. 

Ten Things IT Needs to Know About Cloud

Published by Intel, this FAQ document helps answer 10 common questions to help IT managers get started in developing an IT Cloud strategy for their school or district. 

Less Waiting, More Learning with Intel-Based Chromebooks

Chromebooks have taken the education world by storm. In this new eBook you will learn why -- and hear from several districts that have achieved great results by moving towards 1:1 implementations with Intel-based models.

Smoothly Transition into School with Google Classroom and Intel-based Chromebooks

Alice Keeler, a Google for Education Certified Innovator, explains how Google Classroom on Intel-based Chromebooks can greatly ease the process of going digital. 

Creating and Collaborating in The Cloud with Chromebooks

Chromebooks have taken the education world by storm over the last few years. They’re affordable, easily portable, and give our students access to the world. In a short time they’ve become, in my opinion, the biggest no-brainer in education. So, what does this mean for our students? What can students actually do on a Chromebook?

Fairfield Suisun USD logo
Marrying Intel-Powered Chromebooks and BYOD for Equitable Access, Engagement and Learning

HP Chromebooks with Intel® processors and chipsets have helped California’s Fairfield-Suisun USD solve access and networking issues.

Reasons Why 94% of U.S. Superintendents are Making Technology Mistakes

When superintendents undertake 1:1 initiatives, they surely hope for the best results. However, many find themselves faced with failed initiatives. View Elliot Levine's post on reasons for these failures and ways to avoid them. 

21st Century Learning at Richland 2

Richland County School District Two is located in South Carolina with a population of just over 27,000 students. They are about 48% free and reduced lunch. To equip their students to be 21st century learners, they put Lenovo Chromebooks powered by Intel® in the hands of all 3-12 grade students. Watch the video below to see why they chose an Intel-based Chromebook for their students. 

One District’s Search for the Next-Gen device

What are the critical considerations in choosing devices for one-to-one classroom? Hear about how one district explores essential questions when deciding next steps. 

Photo of students using Chromebooks at Richland Two
Chromebooks Power 21st Century Learning at Richland Two

This month, we shine the light on South Carolina's Richland Two school district where Chromebook devices with Intel® processors increase student achievement, stretch budget dollars, and simplify device management.

Choosing Between iPads and Chromebooks

Is education's honeymoon with the iPad over? According to a recent article by the Hechinger Report, summarizing a New Jersey pilot comparing Chromebooks with iPads, it certainly looks like it.

We Started a School!

Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia continues on the path of innovative student learning in the digital age by launching a second school. Learn about the process and mission for the new addition to the SLA.

Assessing the Capabilities of Touch-based Devices in the Classroom

Do the tablets that you’re considering for your students support the full range of web content and technologies that they’ll need to succeed in school?

The Choice is Yours: Selecting Intel-Based Chromebooks to Support Teaching and Learning

This webinar, the second in a series of two, looks at decisions districts have made to invest in Intel-based Chromebooks -- along with the benefits and challenges of taking this road.

Chromebooks in the Classroom: A Comparison

Principled Technologies put two different Chromebooks through several learning scenarios that included tasks such as watching a Khan Academy video and taking notes. Read how the two measured up.

News, Publication
Chromebooks at the Science Leadership Academy

See why Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy switched to Intel-based Chromebooks from Dell

Making Space for Active Learning

Learning can happen anywhere, but learning may happen better with the right classroom design.

Why Intel-Based Chromebooks?


Intel-based Chromebooks are a great choice for a growing number of schools. These videos show you why.




ebook cover with two boys using a Chromebook
eBook: Learning With Intel-Powered Chromebooks

Offering an affordable, instant-on solution with long battery life and easy management tools, Chromebooks are rapidly gaining popularity in today's schools. This eBook describes how -- and why -- five districts have tapped into the power of these cloud-based devices as teaching tools.

Intel-Based Chromebooks in Education

This webinar looks at two districts that are doing great things with Intel-based Chromebooks in the classroom  and examines the ins and outs of picking a Chromebook model that is right for your school or district.

Dell and the Science Leadership Academy Team up to Support Excellence

Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy (SLA) and The Franklin Institute have announced a partnership with Dell to form a new “Center of Excellence in Learning.” 

What Standards Mean for College and Career Readiness

Learn how Common Core requirements and assessments help students learn skills needed in higher education and the global workplace.



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