Do the tablets that you’re considering for your students support the full range of web content and technologies that they’ll need to succeed in school?


Clarity Innovations worked with Intel Education to loan 25 Android tablets to Creswell Middle School in Oregon to explore how these devices work in the classroom. 


A case study of how active learning solutions impacted the Upper Darby School District, which serves one of the most densely populated and urbanized townships in Pennsylvania.


This case study showcases how two schools on opposite sides of the world— New Jersey’s Carteret Middle School and the Eigg School off the coast of Scotland—seized a unique opportunity to partner in a global learning collaboration. 


This guide for personalized learning is designed to help today’s educators make sense of the shifting landscape in modern education. Find out how you can receive a free copy of the digital facilitators guide.


Student data privacy is an issue that concerns policy makers, parents, school administrators, technology leaders, and vendors.  The more schools adopt online, cloud services for educational purposes, privacy issues will only become more pressing. This report provides an overview of student data privacy and helps to explain the concerns and relevant laws. The report also offers suggestions for school leaders to better ensure the privacy of their students, while still encouraging the use of innovative technologies.


This analyst report will offer key factors for consideration when choosing the best device for your school environment.


The growing adoption of mobile technology in K-12 education is producing tangible results, enabling students to move beyond the classroom walls and the regular school day to learn anytime and anywhere. Here are some success stories -- from both public and independent school settings -- reflecting improved learning outcomes through the use of laptops, tablets and other mobile technologies. [4 page white paper from Lenovo and Intel]


This 2 page summary summary from Lenovo and Intel looks at disruptive innovations, with a particular emphasis on blended learning.


A case study of Northview High School, where node chairs transformed the traditional classroom into a more interactive, dynamic teaching and learning environment.


The K-12 Blueprint: Produced by Clarity Innovations

Clarity Innovations matches the most promising technology with the evolving needs of education. By merging creativity, technology, and pedagogy, we create powerful learning experiences. Learn More


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