The 2018 OECD PISA report has been released: providing the most comprehensive international assessment of student learning outcomes in reading, mathematics and science to date. 


The education team at Intel® hired Clarity Innovations to research and develop this report to examine how processor performance affects teaching and learning. Be sure to download this free whitepaper.


Intel® commissioned Clarity Innovations to evaluate four Chromebooks and test their effectiveness with common learning scenarios, resulting in the The Right Chromebook for K-12 Education white paper. 


ERS studied school systems with improving student outcomes to learn these best practices for teacher professional learning. 


Discover how touch-based, convertible laptops are changing the definition of effective learning with technology by downloading this free white paper.  


Making learning more personalized, more relevant, and more immersive have always been  the moving goal-posts of education. Digital media has helped create infinite opportunities in terms of access to dynamic content, but it’s still, for the most part, an extension of traditional learning: groups of students watching and absorbing static information with minimal interaction.

What exactly is OER, and how is it different than the informal environment of openness and fair use in the field of teaching and learning? This white paper developed by Clarity Innovations help to both tease out a usable definition and provide a guide for schools, districts, and educators interested in the Open Education Resources movement.

Clarity Innovations, Inc. releases The Right Device for Teaching and Learning Analyst Report.


As technology continues to evolve, computers grow smaller and more power efficient. This means that computing devices can be embedded into all sorts of objects, from household items to clothing. This survey paper, developed by Clarity Innovations, provides an introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and offers a glimpse into how it may affect education.


Technology adoption in US schools has grown dramatically over the past five years. In some cases, schools are rushing to adopt technology initiatives in order to support high-stakes testing or even to "keep up with the Joneses" in neighboring districts. To help better inform educators and leaders, one of Clarity Innovation's clients asked them to prepare an infographic documenting the research behind technology initiatives as they relate to preparing students for classrooms of the future, college, and career readiness.


The K-12 Blueprint: Produced by Clarity Innovations

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