826 Digital launches the Write Start Challenge this month: featuring one 826 Digital “Spark" each school day in January.


Steelcase Education is partnering with educators to rethink classrooms, libraries and in-between spaces to incorporate flexible furniture to support active learning.


Gallup and NewSchools Venture Fund conducted a national survey about the use of educational technology in schools.  Here are their findings.


The 2019 Horizon Report is here, profiling key trends, significant challenges, and important developments in educational technology.


As the mobile PC market in education continues to grow, the competition between platforms is expected to intensify, with implications across the ed-tech industry.


With their affordability and flexibility, Chromebooks have caused a sensation in today's schools. But are they being utilized to their full potential: truly serving student needs?


At the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Convention and Exposition, Steve Dembo demonstrated how to “de-zombify” professional development. 


By working together through a process known as foresight gaming, or 21st century strategy simulation, educators can find creative answers to complex problems.


Enter North Carolina's Knightdale High School and see Chromebooks, 3D printers, teachers creating virtual field trips, and students rearranging maker space furniture.


In 2015, Saluda Trail Middle School in Rock Hill, South Carolina was one of 12 recipients of the Steelcase Education Active Learning Center Grant: bringing flexible mobile furniture, new technology and interactive learning tools.


The K-12 Blueprint: Produced by Clarity Innovations

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