Leadership Voices

Visioning Schools - From Idea to Attainment
September 10, 2014

Leslie Wilson discusses both the vision and evidence found in effective and personalized learning environments in schools. 

Getting Outside Support Tech Directors Can Rely On
September 6, 2014

Tech Directors are getting outside their districts to share ideas and information. Craig Williams shares the process and benefits for building collaborative support among colleagues. 

A Model for Personalized Learning
September 2, 2014

Technology integration frameworks come together in support of student personalized learning in this post. 

Personalized Learning - It Isn't Just for Kids Anymore
August 29, 2014

You cannot pick up a professional journal without reading a title on how to personalize learning for students. But what about our educators? Read on for more about how to personalize professional learning experiences.

All About Design - Strategies for Rethinking Learning Spaces
August 26, 2014

New technology and connected learning call for learning spaces suited to students and to the task. David Jakes shares key concepts and tools for redesign. 

Range of Use for Digital Learning
August 19, 2014

When choosing digital tools and learning activities, it is important to consider the impact on learning. Let this discussion on Metiri's 'Range of Use' be your guide to successful learning with digital tools.

Why, What and How - Important Questions for Innovating Schools
August 16, 2014

When planning for success for educational technology, be sure to address these three big questions. Donna Teuber tells you how!

Tips for Successful Online Discussions
August 8, 2014

Today's anytime learning allows for online discussions to promote academics. Read Mike Gorman's advice for promoting effective online discussions for today's learners. 

Innovative Thinking and Environments for Today's Learners
August 8, 2014

Leslie Wilson, CEO of the One to One Institute, discusses purposeful change, evolving designs for learning and the classroom environment. Read about strategies for fostering change in your school or district. 

We Started a School!
July 30, 2014

Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia continues on the path of innovative student learning in the digital age by launching a second school. Learn about the process and mission for the new addition to the SLA.


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