Leadership Voices

New Expectations for Tech Directors and How CETL Can Help
October 4, 2014

Districts must take a look at the ever expanding role of Technology Directors. Learn about the CETL certification by COSN and how it can support change in schools. 

One District’s Search for the Next-Gen device
October 1, 2014

What are the critical considerations in choosing devices for one-to-one classroom? Hear about how one district explores essential questions when deciding next steps. 

Scaling Initiatives For Positive Student Impact
September 23, 2014

Want to get results when scaling innovation? Read these insightful suggestions by Donna Teuber. 

Choosing Digital Content for One-to-One Classrooms
September 20, 2014

For school leaders, many choices come in to play when bolstering one-to-one programs. Learn about how nex+Gen found built the right mix of resources for teaching and learning. 

Five Critical Points for Rethinking School Leadership
September 13, 2014

What perspectives make a difference when implementing school change and improvement? Read these five top considerations for school leaders from David Jakes. 

Visioning Schools - From Idea to Attainment
September 10, 2014

Leslie Wilson discusses both the vision and evidence found in effective and personalized learning environments in schools. 

Getting Outside Support Tech Directors Can Rely On
September 6, 2014

Tech Directors are getting outside their districts to share ideas and information. Craig Williams shares the process and benefits for building collaborative support among colleagues. 

A Model for Personalized Learning
September 2, 2014

Technology integration frameworks come together in support of student personalized learning in this post. 

Personalized Learning - It Isn't Just for Kids Anymore
August 29, 2014

You cannot pick up a professional journal without reading a title on how to personalize learning for students. But what about our educators? Read on for more about how to personalize professional learning experiences.

All About Design - Strategies for Rethinking Learning Spaces
August 26, 2014

New technology and connected learning call for learning spaces suited to students and to the task. David Jakes shares key concepts and tools for redesign. 


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