Leadership Voices

Parents For and Against Common Core
April 27, 2015

Elliott Levine explores the testing questions associated with Common Core testing through the lens of a parent. 

Canoeing Illustrates a Need for Harmony
April 23, 2015

How do school leaders navigate well in today's environment in the face of many competing demands? Read Leslie Wilson's insights on how colleagues can discover solutions and map out success through power, integrity, creativity and innovation. 

Disruption and Stability
April 21, 2015

The right technology supports goals of all kinds. Look at the analysis of Disruption vs. Stability from the perspectives of learners. 

Uncomfortable Questions for the Ed-Tech Community
April 16, 2015

How would you answer these uncomfortable questions about educational technology in your school or district. As we strive for better edtech uses in schools, Bob Moore challenges all to provide answers to these tough questions. 

Free Isn't Always Free – Why don’t we look gift horses in the mouth?
April 12, 2015

Are there hidden costs to 'free' educational technology solutions? Read Elliott Levine's guide to evaluating various offers here. 

The Value of Messaging in Educational Change
April 12, 2015

Sharing the good news and benefits of educational initiatives with parents and the school community is important. Readily available communication avenues today include the uses of web, social media and online presentations. See insights including a list of supporting resources from Donna Teuber. 

Is Your Data Center in the Right Class to Support Real-time Learning (Part 3)?
April 8, 2015

Data and security are critical topics in todays' world and they deserve careful attention in every school. Read the latest in Craig William's multi-part series. 

Reasons Why 94% of U.S. Superintendents are Making Technology Mistakes
April 4, 2015

When superintendents undertake 1:1 initiatives, they surely hope for the best results. However, many find themselves faced with failed initiatives. View Elliot Levine's post on reasons for these failures and ways to avoid them. 

Leading Today Revisited
March 31, 2015

Leadership plays an essential role in educational digital transformation. Read Leslie Wilson's insights on 6 areas for this necessary and critical leadership focus. 

The Importance of Words in Educational Change
March 25, 2015

Where does learning happen? Read David Jakes insights about the importance of the words we use when it comes to redesigning learning. 


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