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Teachers Matter When it Comes to Protecting Privacy
August 25, 2015

Privacy is a topic of critical concern for school administrators and IT leaders. Read as Bob Moore explores the role of another essential group - teachers. 

10 Inspiring Lessons From An Almost Analog Native - Back To School 2015
August 21, 2015

It was a normal first day back to school. The building was still quiet and still. I could sense there was an air of extreme excitement and anticipation in the air. I sat at my desk and pondered the reality of a new year wondering about the new faces I would greet.

Stop Arguing about Technology - Focus on Transforming Learning
August 15, 2015

Device decisions are important ones. However, the learning taking place must be the most important focus. Read insights by Elliott Levine. 

The Role of Student Voice in Personalization
August 10, 2015

Encouraging student voice is a strategy for Personalized learning makes for meaningful learning. View examples and ideas from Donna Teuber.

Get Your Dreams On the Calendar
August 3, 2015

As back to school rapidly approaches, it is time for looking ahead and planning solidly for success in the new school year. Read as Hank Thiele explores options for both planning and implementing for future successes. 

Game Changer - Microsoft's OneNote Class Notebook Creator
July 30, 2015

There are times when a certain resource is a true game changer for teaching and learning. Marianthe Williams describes collaboration, digital learning and more found with the use of OneNote. 

Edtech on the Horizon Proves Both Promising and Challenging
July 25, 2015

The Horizon Report for K-12 reveals some wicked challenges. Read as Leslie Wilson explores school approaches to meeting these challenges. 

Reminder for Leaders - Recognition Matters
July 17, 2015

Education technology and those of us who work in it have kind of taken it on the chin over the years. We’re told that it technology too expensive and that we can’t prove the value.

Costly Technical Mistakes on College Campuses
July 14, 2015

At what cost do school leaders trivialize technology expenditures? Read Elliott Levine's post on the true costs of random and uncharted spending. 

Empowering to Engage
July 7, 2015

How can teachers create a learning culture which fosters engaged learning for students? David Jakes explores the implementation of essential conditions such as student empowerment and choice. 


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