Tristen Talks About Social Media in Middle School

Social Media.

Complicated words. Something that didn’t exist even 35-40 years ago, but kids today are now using it (well, I’m not, because I have old - fashioned parents, but you know) . If this is such a regular part of a child’s life (except for mine), then why not use it in school? Sure, it may not be a good idea for several reasons. But allow me to persuade you into becoming a believer.

What can social media do for a student?

Well, I’m glad you asked! If we incorporate social media into the curriculum, students will be able to do the following things:

  • Write virtual letters to penpals
    • What’s so awesome about this? No more waiting and stressing and pulling your hair out waiting for your penpal to write back! No more not being able to read your penpal’s handwriting. Students will be able to receive messages almost instantly!
  • Complete projects with other students from different schools, counties, states, countries, and even continents!
    • This will, first of all, teachers, spark the interest to learn in your students that you are looking for! If they weren’t paying attention in class before, they will be now!
    • Doing this will also teach kids how to work together in and outside of the classroom, near and far away.
  • Post their work online and collect feedback
    • Students can post their work online and get feedback and how well their work was done. This way, students will learn to make changes to their work based on what someone suggests to make it better.
    • They will be posting it online to other students, not teachers! The students will give them feedback and encourage them to make it better. I mean, let’s be honest, a kid is more likely to listen to another kid than an adult. 

What can social media do for a school?

I'm glad you asked this too! If we incorporate social media into the curriculum, benefits for the school include:

  • Helping children learn the values explained above
  • Getting the school’s name out
    • Promoting that Richland county (or any county) schools are the ones to go to
  • Collaborating with schools all over the world
    • The school principal may be able to talk to principals and directors of schools all over the world and get advice and suggestions on how to better run a school.

This, my friends, is what Social Media can so for the school community.

Tristen Prescott is a seventh-grade student at Dent Middle School in Columbia, South Carolina. The school is in Richland School District Two, a Project RED Signature District with 1:1 computing in grades 3-12 impacting 21,000 students. Technology leadership has been key to the success of the Richland Two initiative.  

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