Third Grader Noah Talks About Doing Things in a More Intelligent Way

I feel great about these devices and everyone else does too, and we can do things in a more intelligent way. 

What follows is a letter from Baltimore County third grader, Noah, to the technology vendors and district planners who brought 1:1 to his school. 

Thank you for the devices! It has helped me in school very much, when we first received them in second grade I felt very successful and excited to learn, like school was way better. You helped me to be this popular in the county and without you I would not be the way I am now. The devices have made it easy to get A+ on my tests, and understand what we are learning because we have more resources. Papers and pencils don’t have cool videos, websites and games to help you understand what your teacher is talking about.

In school, I feel in charge of my own learning because of the devices and all the support I am getting. I am making the choices for myself and they are the correct choices to help me become a great engineer. The devices are a part of it. The computers we have been given have educational games, so I can play on them and they are fun practice for me to get better at pretty much every subject. Instead of using pencil and paper, devices are way more exciting. My goal is to be the best genius in school. The devices are a way to help my grades and I can study on it. For example, things we learn about one day can be photographed and saved for later if I forget.

I plan to be an engineer when I’m older. If I keep learning it will help me when I’m older, by making me advanced in my computer skills as well as my other subjects.  Technology is used for learning and studying, at Halstead we use it for research and more choices on how and what we are learning, which in my opinion is pretty cool. I feel more advanced and intelligent.

I feel great about these devices and everyone else does too, and we can do things in a more intelligent way. An example of that would be instead of just one activity we have choices on several during the day that we can practice.  It was way different when I was in 1st grade and kindergarten when I had to write by paper and pencil, I am glad it has changed!

You helped my career to complete my dream. The school loves your devices very much. It improved the school very much, kids love learning now!

Noah is a student at Halstead Academy. Halstead Academy is a Title I school located in Baltimore County, Maryland. Halstead Academy, once a failing school, is now a model school in Baltimore County. The past year, Halstead served as a "Lighthouse School," which means it piloted the system's 1:1 initiative that provides Intel-based 2 in 1 devices to students in grades 1-3.  Check out teacher Mike Beal's blog post, Engaged Learning: The Student Perspective, to learn more about the program and see videos of Noah and others in the classroom.

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