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Welcome to our Student Voices blog. In this multi-part series, students will share their thoughts on the implementation of educational technology initiatives in their classrooms and the role of technology in their lives. Giving students a voice in their own learning -- and truly listening to what they have to say when they share that voice -- are keys to successful educational programs. Please join us in welcoming our student bloggers!



Learn how high school junior Elizabeth Hodonicky has forged global connections and life long learning skills through the use of technology. 


Students know first hand how technology is and is not used in schools. Read this advice for school leaders from a 6th grade student from U-46 district in Illinois, Pamela Flores.


Social Media - What do the students say? Read for ideas and insights from Richland 2 student, Tristen Prescott. 


Welcome to our Student Voices Blog Series -- starting with a letter from Baltimore County third grader, Noah, to the technology vendors and district planners who brought 1:1 to his school. 

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