Naomi Harm

Naomi Harm is the CEO and founder of Innovative Educator Consulting, a national professional learning technology corporation. Naomi is a women in leadership strategist and edtech influencer, with a passion for instigating STEM innovation into all of her professional learning offerings. She welcomes every opportunity to share her expertise of brain-based instructional approaches, blended teaching and learning strategies, supported with technology literacy effective practices with k12 students and educational leaders worldwide. Naomi and her women in leadership team work collaboratively with national and international K12 schools, educational organizations, and HigherEd Institutions. 
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Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, and models the readiness to show appreciation for—and to return a gift of—kindness. Here are many successful practices to start implementing gratitude into each day of the week!


Icebreaker activities are some of my go-to strategies for team building and/or difficult conversations. These techniques help us all to become more aware and respectful of everyone's thinking routines. 


Prioritizing your learning commitment in yourself can help foster more empathy-based interactions with your peers and family members, resulting in action-based outcomes, as you listen, consider, and learn from the individuals closest to you in your learning community.  


With a blended learning rotation model, educators have a flexible structure to personalize the learning experience for students. 


Let’s get started and put on our designer hats to experience 15 essential “future proofing” and “do now” activities and strategies to inspire new critical thinking and reflection! 


The door is open to reimagining what a new educational teaching and learning system could look like. The visionary leadership and choices that we invest in today will transform our future school experiences for everyone.

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