Leadership Voices

We Started a School!
July 30, 2014

Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia continues on the path of innovative student learning in the digital age by launching a second school. Learn about the process and mission for the new addition to the SLA.

Technology Advice Every Superintendent Should Hear
July 30, 2014

What should superintendents be thinking about when it comes to furthering effective uses of technology? Read Bob Moore's advice for supporting schools now and in the future. 

Keeping Your Strategic Plan on Course
July 25, 2014

When it comes to decision making, school technology leaders must inevitably weigh factors both from inside and outside of their district. Read about how this district was able to stay on course for the strategic plan as they pondered changes from outside their district. 

Leaders Get Proactive As Big Data Gets Bigger
July 24, 2014

Craig Williams reflects on data in this recent post. As data use expands exponentially, it is important for school leaders and technology staff to consider best practices for use and privacy. 

Building a Culture for One-to-One
July 20, 2014

Learn about nex+Gen’s approach to one-to-one and how building a common school-wide culture fostered student success.

Professional Development as a Key to Blended Learning Success
July 17, 2014

Blended learning and robust professional development make all the difference when it comes to the success of learning and technology in the classroom. 

Personalized Learning for a Collective Purpose
July 12, 2014

You hear the term more and more these days but what  does "personalized learning" really mean? Here are some insights, drawn from a year of exploration and a recent deep dive.

10 Privacy Steps Every District Can Take Today!
July 8, 2014

In this follow-up post, Bob Moore offers practical advice for handling privacy and data in schools. 

IT Advice From Experts Beyond the Education World
July 6, 2014

At a recent conference about infrastructure and end-user support, I found some interesting insights about mobile device management, BYOD, and overall mobility strategy.

Ten Ways to Use Discussion Forums to Promote Digital Citizenship and Academics
July 1, 2014

Discussion forums can be used with students in a variety of ways that stimulate thinking, learning and collaboration. Here are some examples.


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