Leadership Voices

Google Slides For Math
June 18, 2019

While PowerPoint is mostly a static tool for delivering a lesson, Google Slides can be used collaboratively for many purposes in the math classroom.

My Students Video Their Homework, and Everything Is Better
May 30, 2019

Purposeful homework indeed has a purpose, yet I need to have boundaries on my own time. Enter the concept of video homework.

Creating Launch Points
May 20, 2019

Schools can do more than simply prepare students for academic success. Let's help students find their launch points—those points that set the stage for a person’s life.  

Enhancing Sharing in Simple and Meaningful New Ways
April 15, 2019

Ed-tech company Clarity Innovations worked with the Math Learning Center to create a dynamic new way to share math learning with teachers and peers. 

Reflections on Tech Use with Young Children
April 11, 2019

If technology isn't "good enough" for the children of the Silicon Valley innovators who created it, how can we defend its use in schools, especially with young children?

What Your Spaces Say
December 17, 2018

Great designers create spaces that enable educators to craft an invitation into learning. Great teachers and librarians take advantage of this to create that invitation.  

The Plea for “Manufacturing Career-Ready Workers”
December 12, 2018

Manufacturing companies are struggling to  fill positions. Thus, the profile of career technical schools has shifted dramatically. Where does that leave public schools?

Mindset, Lens, Focus and Organizational Change
November 26, 2018

It's essential to allow individuals to articulate their personal perspectives and make them visible to others. Providing voice is a critical step in building consensus.

A Bird? A Plane? No: They're Super-Literates!
November 7, 2018

The gulf between the "functional” and the “super-literate” is expanding. How will educators and students keep pace with these changes?

The Flexible Seating Phenomenon
October 30, 2018

Creating contemporary learning spaces involves much more than focusing on something like seating. It begins with understanding the desired learning experience.  


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