Lisa Fisher

Lisa is a content developer with a background in early childhood education and educational technology. After completing her undergraduate education in Portland, Lisa moved to New York City and worked as a school Technology Coordinator while completing her Master’s program at Columbia University. She earned a graduate degree in Instructional Technology and played an integral role in the development of software that incorporated best teaching practices and educational theory while engaging students in hands-on learning opportunities with computers.


I put on my "ed tech instructional designer" hat and began teaching my kids from home the only way I knew how: a way I had unknowingly been preparing for for a decade.


Education trends come and go (and come back again), but most makers will agree that the Maker movement is more than just another trend. So why is the Maker movement so impactful?


As more K–12 teachers, administrators and district leaders become aware of OER, the more eager they are to embrace the model. OER provide opportunities to update and adapt materials to meet different student needs, spurs innovation in open learning practices, and reduces content acquisition costs.

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