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Elliott Levine is Chief Academic Officer for HP Americas Education. A former K-12 official and regular public speaker, he has worked for and launched start-ups in the education and marketing industries. He is featured as one of three HP employees making a difference at www.hp.com/go/jobs. All opinions expressed are personal and may not represent those of HP. You can learn more about him atwww.linkedin.com/in/elliottlevine/.


Elliott Levine explores the testing questions associated with Common Core testing through the lens of a parent. 


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When superintendents undertake 1:1 initiatives, they surely hope for the best results. However, many find themselves faced with failed initiatives. View Elliot Levine's post on reasons for these failures and ways to avoid them. 


Save your school or district from publicity nightmares. Read this list of practical technology tips from Elliott Levine and maintain the school's reputation, stakeholder relationships and much more. 


When it comes to technology investments, how can schools and districts get to the meat of spending wisely? Read Elliott Levine's insights on finding the right combinations for serving up a quality, successful 1:1 program. 


As we look at Common Core Standards, might there be a way that K12 Districts can re-imagine standards and classrooms? Read Elliott Levine's reflection on collaborative efforts that can be taken towards achieving the desired outcomes for students and educators.


Is your school or district considering the implications of BYOD? Read Elliott Levine's post to view important issues at hand! 


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