Elliott Levine

Elliott Levine is Chief Academic Officer for HP Americas Education. A former K-12 official and regular public speaker, he has worked for and launched start-ups in the education and marketing industries. He is featured as one of three HP employees making a difference at www.hp.com/go/jobs. All opinions expressed are personal and may not represent those of HP. You can learn more about him atwww.linkedin.com/in/elliottlevine/.


With education being as Elliott Levine describes it 'the most important work on earth', it is imperative that we heed the lessons in other changing or disappearing institution. Read Elliott's analysis and advice on the topic. 


Today's news can inspire us with themes to delve into for educational technology. View Elliott Levine's insights and suggestions for edtech leaders and practitioners. 


When taking a close look at how decisions are made in your district, do you see individual thought or groupthink? Read Elliott Levine's thoughtful analysis as it applies to edtech. 


Buzzwords are a part of every industry or organization including educational technology. Read Elliott Levine's analysis of the commonly used phrase "student engagement". 


The ability to communicate a well thought out educational technology plan replete with learning strategies and outcomes is essential. Read Elliott Levine's list of telling statements to avoid. 


Is technology being used to deliver transformative education in higher education settings? Look at Elliott Levine's key points to bringing results that matter. 


Device decisions are important ones. However, the learning taking place must be the most important focus. Read insights by Elliott Levine. 


At what cost do school leaders trivialize technology expenditures? Read Elliott Levine's post on the true costs of random and uncharted spending. 


In what ways are BYOD programs fueling inequities in schools? View Elliott Levine's insights for an examination of the issue. 


What are current research studies saying about tablets and 1:1 initiatives? Elliott Levine examines the question of research and applicability. 


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