Back in the CTO Saddle!

In a very unexpected twist of fate I have rejoined the ranks of K12 CTOs! The past 6 years in my role at Dell and then my own business I have had fun, made good money, learned things about the ed-tech industry that I never imagined and have learned more about myself as a person and leader than in all of my 55 years. But recently, through what I expected to be a simple, short-term consulting job, I remembered something that I had forgotten, and that is just how important it is to me to feel the impact of my work on people, particularly children.

It was supposed to be a 3 month part-time interim CTO “gig” at Dallas ISD, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that this is where I belonged. Like all large, urban school districts Dallas ISD has its challenges. For that matter, it’s not unlike all districts as they all have challenges. Also like all districts there are a lot of very good, talented passionate people who are trying every day to deliver a quality education for their students. I am proud to be the new Chief Technology Officer of Dallas ISD. There is much that we can accomplish.

In case you are wondering, the issue of privacy and security of student data is still a passion of mine and I will continue to lead CoSN’s Trusted Learning Environment Seal grant project. It is important to me that I see this through.

I look forward to sharing thoughts and insights with you over the coming months about re-entry into the CTO role and how I am attempting to apply 27 years of lessons learned in this new role, particularly those lessons learned in private sector and as an entrepreneur.  I also look forward to learning from you, my peers, through organizations such as CoSN, ISTE and the very active Texas K12 CTO Council.

Bob Moore has enjoyed a career of 26 years in education technology. His work has included more than two decades as a CIO in K12 schools and several years as lead strategist for a multi-billion dollar global ed-tech business, as well many years of active leadership in organizations such as CoSN. In 2012 Bob founded RJM Strategies LLC and works with schools and ed-tech business clients as a strategist, advisor and subject matter expert. His life’s work is grounded in his tenacious commitment to vision, innovation, integrity and practicality. Follow Bob on Twitter @BobMEdTech. See Bob's Profile and Connect on LinkedIn at

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