Common Core

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are meant to align instruction across the country and even internationally. This toolkit is intended to help school leaders understand and meet the challenges of these standards and—in the process—elevate learning for today’s young learners.

All Common Core toolkit items

A zip file containing all downloadable Common Core toolkit resources

Common Core Toolkit Resource Matrix

An easy-to-use overview of K-12 Blueprint Common Core Toolkit resources with suggested uses

K-12 Blueprint Common Core Graphic Organizer

A graphic organizer to help support your Common Core State Standards endeavors

Overview of Common Core State Standards

An overview of what the Common Core Standards are and why they matter

Common Core Overview

A customizable presentation to provide an overview to those new to the Common Core standards

Common Core Myths

A customizable presentation to help dispel the many myths associated with the Common Core State Standards 

Myths About Common Core Standards

Separate the fact from the fiction in regards to the Common Core State Standards

Blended Learning and the Common Core

Blending assessment with instruction using technology-based platforms can help students meet standards  

Common Core and Differentiated Instruction

Instructional relationships can be varied to meet the diversity of student needs while adhering to standards

Common Core Approach to Assessment

While devices are important, the value comes from the content that devices allow students to access

Common Core Approach to Lesson Structure I

The Common Core standards push higher text complexity and higher level Lexile texts

Common Core Approach to Lesson Structure II

Learn how to take lessons further with cross-curricular planning and project-based learning

Common Core Language Arts Overview

Help students reach Common Core language arts' goals and potentially go beyond them 

Common Core Math Overview

Common Core math standards are broken down into separate practices to improve overall achievement  

Math Curriculum Overview Chart

A year-long math curriculum overview, ranking from preschool to fifth grade

Preparing for Online Assessments

Suggestions and tips to better prepare for the future of standardized testing

Standards for English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities

Common Core standards provide a greater opportunity to serve English language learners and those with disabilities

Planning and Rebuilding with Help from HP Chromebooks

Brick Township Public School District, in Ocean County, NJ, has built a thriving program where student learning comes first. In the wake of a devastating hurricane, teachers, leaders and tech personnel worked as a team to plan and implement their most recent educational technology initiative. Intel-powered HP Chromebooks are a key component of this student-centered middle school program.

Parents For and Against Common Core

Elliott Levine explores the testing questions associated with Common Core testing through the lens of a parent. 

Elliott's Two Cents - Re-Imagining Common Core

As we look at Common Core Standards, might there be a way that K12 Districts can re-imagine standards and classrooms? Read Elliott Levine's reflection on collaborative efforts that can be taken towards achieving the desired outcomes for students and educators.

Choosing the Right Device for Digital Learning

This analyst report will offer key factors for consideration when choosing the best device for your school environment.

A Guide to Common Core Implementation

A quick overview, from Lenovo and Intel, of the timeline and system requirements for the SBAC and PARCC Common Core assessments.  [2-page brief]

Common Core Links and Resources

Some useful links to resources that help prepare and support Common Core

Useful links
Are You Ready for the Common Core Assessments?

Available on demand, this archived webinar will help you stay ahead of the curve on PARCC, Smarter Balanced and other CCSS assessments.

Consumer vs Enterprise Tablets: Issues for K-12 Decision Makers

Tablet computers -- including the consumer tablets that led the way -- have set new expectations for mobility and interactivity. But, as friendly as they might seem at first glance, consumer tablets come with many hidden costs for schools. Knowing your options can help you select tablets that are right for your K-12 setting.

What Standards Mean for College and Career Readiness

Learn how Common Core requirements and assessments help students learn skills needed in higher education and the global workplace.

Mitigating Bandwidth Limitations for Online Assessment

The implementation of Common Core-aligned online assessments in many states by the spring of 2015 is one of the most complex and mission-critical endeavors ever taken on by en education institution or system. Are we up to the task? One challenge stands as the single most probable point of failure: bandwidth and related network reliability. Read on for more on how to avoid that failure.

Top Tips for Moving to Common Core

Check out these tips for incorporating CCSS into the curriculum and supporting the entire school community as the move is made.



Less Waiting, More Learning with Intel Powered Chromebooks

In the past few years, Chromebooks have taken the education world by storm because of their affordability, ease of use, and compatibility with cloud-based blended learning. In this new eBook you will learn about several districts that have achieved great results by moving towards 1:1 implementations with Intel-based models. Check out their stories and their tips for learning in the cloud with Chromebooks.