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Professional Development

Technology-transformed schools call for different skills than those required in traditional industrial-age schools. Initiative leaders must develop insights and skills so that thoughtfully infused technology can create a generative teaching and learning environment. Phenomenal outcomes can occur when in-the-trenches educators are armed with the skills they need. But simply handing out technology and hoping for the best is an ineffective plan. Professional development is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of implementing a technology initiative. Effective professional development goes far beyond one-time training sessions designed to introduce new technologies. It is ongoing, frequently reinforced, well-supported, and embedded into the daily life of schools.

Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy (SLA) and The Franklin Institute have announced a partnership with Dell to form a new “Center of Excellence in Learning.” 

Missouri’s eMINTS professional development program has been in existence for many years, with early research showing great promise. The most recent study focuses on results from rural middle schools involved in the latest eMINTs initiative.

Hoping to avoid a crash-and-burn scenario? This annotated collection of resources offers oodles of advice on safely launching and sustaining one-to-one or BYO in your school or district.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project found teachers to be happy with technology options and support at school but worried about the digital divide.

Marianthe Williams, Director of Technology, and Lorraine Brooks, Principal, River Dell Regional Schools, NJ, offer advice on Professional Development. We invite you to:



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