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This page is a resource for all members of the Intel NAR SLED team. Materials are suitable for sharing with clients and channel partners. Collateral and presentation materials can be customized as needed. Materials created highlight Intel Education resources including the K-12 Blueprint, Teachers Engage, Intel Teach Elements, and Transforming Learning. We recommend checking resources quarterly so you have the most current information.

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PDF Sample Letter of Support

A template that can be used for preparing letters of support. Includes detailed information regarding resources available for teachers, district leaders and parents. 

PDF Intel Ed Resources Summary

A detailed listing of the Intel resources that are available to administrators and policy makers, teachers, and parents.

PDF Collection of Technology Plans

A list of example technology plans from districts across the US representing rural and urban schools. 

PDF Intel App Catalog

A PDF collection of Intel branded (and commissioned) apps for education including Windows 8, Chromebook, Android, and iOS.

PDF Learning at a Higher Level Infographic: HP/Intel/Microsoft Comparison
Comparison of Intel processor-powered HP 210 G1 Notebook PC running Windows® 8.1 against iOS and Android tablets running educational content.
PDF Learning at a Higher Level Report: HP/Intel/Microsoft Comparison

Full report detailing comparison of Intel processor-powered HP 210 G1 Notebook PC running Windows® 8.1 against iOS and Android tablets running educational content.

PDF Assessing the Capabilities of Touch-based Devices in the Classroom

A report analyzing compatibility of top educational websites with each of the major tablet platforms available today—Chromebook, Surface Pro, Surface RT, Nexus, and iPad devices. Overall, the study found a significant difference in the support of these sites by each of the tablet platforms with The Intel-powered Surface Pro was a leader with only 13% of web pages demonstrating issues. 

PDF Leadership Essentials Workshops

A description of the workshop offerings available. 

PDF Intel Sponsored Windows 8 Apps

A listing of Intel Windows 8 apps available for educators, students, and parents.

PDF BYOD Toolkit One-Sheet

Introduction and summary of the K-12 Blueprint BYOD Toolkit—the most visited section on the site.

PDF Chromebooks in the Classroom

A research report comparing the performance advantages of Intel-based Chromebooks over ARM-based devices. 

PDF Transforming Learning with One to One Syllabus

A detailed listing of the material in Transforming Learning with One to One course.

PDF Intel Education Solution Overview

A 2-page summary of the material and resources available from Intel. 

PDF US K-12 Blueprint 1-Sheet

Overview of the materials and information available on the K-12 Blueprint

PDF Online Collaboration White Paper
Provides examples of educators who collaborate online using cloud-based
tools, presents an in-depth comparison of  top cloud-based productivity suites, reviews research on
collaboration in the classroom, and provides an annotated listing of online collaboration tools available.
PDF MDM-MAM White Paper

Explores the current capabilities of each of the major tablet ecosystems as well as gaps that remain in order to provide a strong systemic solution for K-12 districts with respect to mobile applications management for all platforms.

PPTX Chromebooks in Education Presentation

A Powerpoint presentation providing an introduction to Chromebooks and the advantages of Intel-based devices. 30-3-30 format.

Tech Goes Home provides underserved families with the critical tools and training vital to succeeding in today’s technology driven world. 

Intel® Transforming Learning courses are designed for K–12 teachers to inspire them to leverage one-to-one eLearning to connect students to the world beyond the classroom.

To help school leaders keep pace with current research and educational practices.

Intel Education Strategist Paige Johnson provides updates, news and views on technology innovation and policy in the K-12 segment.

A personal learning network that has robust discussion forums and free resources for educators. Highlights include webinar series and Intel Teach Elements Implementation toolkit.

A resource page of all free tools and resources provided by Intel to help Students Develop 21st Century Skills. Referenced on this site is the Teachers Engage Community, Intel Teach Elements Courses, Designing Effective Projects, Assessing Projects, etc.